4 Ways your Dentist can improve your Smile

Visiting an aesthetic dental clinic is a great way to improve the overall appearance of your teeth and your smile. That’s why you should make it a habit to see your dentist at least twice every year.

Going to a dentist is not something that most people look forward to, yet it offers a wide range of benefits. Going to the dentist does not always involve medical procedures, as there are many cosmetic solutions available as well. If you don’t like how your teeth look, then seeking these professionals is exactly what you need to fix your problem.

There are different solutions on offer at an aesthetic dental clinic, and your particular problem will determine the procedure suitable for your needs. Some of the great cosmetic dental treatments currently available in the market include:

Teeth Whitening

This is a process whereby stained teeth are bleached to regain their white colour. According to Statista.Com, the global teeth bleaching market is predicted to reach an astounding $3.7 billion by 2021. This serves to show the popularity of this solution, as it is easily applicable and does not involve a long recovery period.
This is an efficient solution for those with yellowing teeth because of bad habits such as smoking and unhealthy dental hygiene.

Dental Implants

This procedure involves the installation of artificial replacements in cases where you are missing one or more teeth. The process can be undertaken with the use of a strong anaesthetic if you are worried about the potential pain you might feel. This is another prevalent solution, with Transparency Market Research stating the global dental implant industry will almost double in value by 2025, reaching an estimated $6.5 billion.

This is a permanent solution and the false teeth installed will function exactly like their predecessors. The length of this treatment will be determined by issues such as the number of teeth you need to replace and the sensitivity of your gums.

Dental Reshaping

Reshaping is a great solution if you are suffering from crooked or excessively long teeth. The dentist chips away at small parts of the enamel in an effort to reduce or mould the tooth into a particular form. There is no pain involved so you do not have to worry about any discomfort during the procedure.

This alternative is also called dental contouring and can serve as a great substitute in cases where you would rather not wear braces to influence your dental profile. It should only be used to make small changes to your teeth, however, as continuous erosion of your enamel could expose the dentin in your teeth.

Composite Bonding

The bonding procedure involves the placement of tooth-coloured material on a specific section of a tooth that has been damaged. A dentist first places the substance onto the affected area and then moulds it into the shape required. The medium is the dried using high-intensity light.

This is a suitable solution if you are suffering from chipped teeth, or have a cavity that is too large to be resolved using fillings. It is also less aggressive than having the entire tooth replaced to fix the problem.