5 Signs You’re a Good Candidate for Dental Implant Restoration

Did you know that of the total adult population of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, about 6% have no natural teeth remaining? This most recent UK survey also found that the other 94% of the population was missing an average of seven teeth each.
Sadly, the negative effect of missing teeth on quality of life is well documented. This research paper examined a cross-section of thirty-five global studies and found that every study discovered an adverse relationship between missing teeth and poor quality of life. This effect increased with greater numbers of missing teeth.
Thankfully, with implant dentistry, it doesn’t have to be this way. Continue reading to learn more about dental implant restoration and how to tell if it’s the best option for your individual needs.

What Is Dental Implant Restoration?

Dental implant restoration is a permanent, non-removable way to replace missing or damaged teeth. They can accomplish this because, in addition to replacing teeth, an implant also replaces the root of the tooth. Because of this, implants not only look like your natural teeth, they function like them too.
Another great advantage of implants is that it’s possible to replace all missing teeth at once. And for those with no remaining healthy teeth, full mouth dental implant restoration is an excellent alternative to dentures.
There are multiple parts to this type of replacement tooth. First, the piece called the implant is actually the part that is surgically placed in your jaw and replaces your tooth’s root. Then there is the abutment that connects the implant portion to the crown, which is what you see when you smile.

How Much Does It Cost?

Dental implant restoration cost depends on how many teeth your doctor will replace and whether you need additional treatment, like bone grafting. For this reason, the fee can range from €600 to €1000 per tooth. Your doctor will use your CT scan, x-rays, and photos to develop a course of treatment and determine the associated fees.
The Dental Implant Restoration Procedure
Many who have been missing teeth for a long time will experience bone loss. This happens because the roots of your teeth contain nerves and blood vessels that signal your body to send blood and nutrients to that area. But, when the tooth root is missing, the signal is gone, causing the bone levels to decrease over time.
As a result, the first step in getting implants is often to have a CT scan.
This imaging will allow your doctor to view both jawbones and your sinus cavity. Using this information, your doctor will see if a bone graft is necessary, and if so, how much grafting you need. Another treatment might include a sinus lift to make room for upper implants.
Then, if those treatments are needed, your implant doctor will complete them first. After three to six months of healing, your doctor will check if your bone is adequate. When it is, your doctor will place your implant.
If you are only missing one or several teeth, your doctor may place one individual implant to support each crown. For patients with a few missing teeth next to each other, it’s sometimes possible to use just one implant to support multiple crowns. But, if you’re missing all of your teeth and need full mouth restoration, the All-On-X method may be the best option for you.
With All-On-X, your doctor places four to six implants to support a permanent non-removable full arch of replacement teeth. The more implants your doctor is able to place, the more secure your appliance will be over time.
There are cases when, after your implant placement(s), you will have six months of healing. The implant will fuse to your bone during this time, making it a stable support system for your replacement teeth. In the meantime, a custom temporary appliance will be crafted for you so that you don’t have any gaps in your smile.
Once the implant is fully integrated into your bone, your doctor will cement your new permanent teeth.
Note: All-On-X is an exception to this, allowing for immediate loading of your new appliance after implant placement.

Are You a Candidate For Implants?

Together with your doctor, you will devise the best possible courses of treatment. For many, implants are the preferred solution. To help guide you in the right direction, here are the most popular influences on a patients’ decision to replace teeth with implants.

1. You Wear an Uncomfortable Removable Appliance
While dentures are the most cost-effective solution to replace teeth, they are also the most uncomfortable and difficult to live with. No matter how often you adjust them or how strong an adhesive you use, they will still rock or feel loose when eating.
With implants, you can bite and chew just as you did before missing teeth.

2. Your Missing Teeth Have Contributed to Bone Loss
Have you ever felt self-conscious about the sunken or puckered appearance of your cheeks and around your mouth? If so, you should know that the implant placement process may restore your bone levels with necessary bone grafting. Placing an implant will also prevent future bone loss.

3. If You Have Missing Teeth
Are you self conscious about gaps in your smile? Or, perhaps missing back teeth have made chewing uncomfortable, if not impossible. Luckily, if you’re tired of the negative impacts of missing teeth on your quality of life, implants can help.

4. You Have Natural Teeth That Can’t Be Saved
While it’s often better to save a natural tooth, it’s not always possible. Some situations include teeth that are broken down to the gum line or badly decayed. In some cases, your doctor will be able to place an implant the same day as an extraction (if no bone grafting is needed and there is no infection present.)

5. You Aren’t Happy Your Smile and Your Chewing Ability
Besides contributing to an attractive smile, your teeth perform essential functions in your mouth. So, when they are damaged or lost, that ability is lost too. With implants, both your chewing function and your smile are restored.
How to Find an Implant Specialist
The best way to find an implant specialist is by researching top reviewed providers and asking your friends and family for any recommendations. When narrowing down your list, the most critical qualities to look for are a high level of technical experience and excellent customer service.

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