Basic aesthetic treatments

The aesthetic treatments of single tooth or group of teeth

The aesthetic dental treatment of the color, shape, position and size of the teeth is preceded by thorough examination and discussion. After the clinical and X-ray examinations, we take photos of teeth, gums and lips. We take an impression of the teeth and the jaws and make a plaster model.  According to the aesthetic needs of the patient and taking the professional rules into consideration, we plan the correction and it is made from acrylic /mock up/. If the patient is satisfied, the final zirconium or pressed ceramic veneer, crown or bridge is made.


Veneers are thin porcelain or zirconium layers that are bonded to the visible surface of the teeth. After the outer 0,5-1 mm surface layer of the enamel is removed or without removal, any enamel (digital) impression is taken. The veneer is made in the dental laboratory based on the model. Full mouth veneers do not mean all of the 32 teeth but all of the visible teeth.

before tretments veneer 400x267 1
Teeth before the treatment
after removal of 0.5 1 mm enamel 400x267 1
Teeth after the removal of 0.5-1 mm outer enamel layer
veneers after treatment 400x267 1
After the treatment: the veneers in place
Spottied enamel before the treatment
veneers 2
Crowded lower front teeth before the treatment
veneers 3
A happy smile after setting the veneers

Advantages of veneers:

  • they close the gaps
  • they correct the colour of the teeth
  • they correct the shape of the teeth
  • they are very thin therefore no or minimal enamel needs to be removed

Disadvantages of veneers:

  • they are made in two sessions: first session impression, second session setting
  • they are very thin, mostly the incisor edge is vulnerable
  • they are applicable only for cariesfree and fillingfree teeth
  • they are able to correct only minor shape problems
  • the are unable to correct the rotation of teeth, the bite of the teeth, inclined teeth


Zirconium crown is the best choice when it comes to stability, beauty, and tissue-friendly material.
Zirconium crowns and bridges are metal-free restorations made of zirconium oxide and meet the highest aesthetic requirements with porcelain veneering. They are perfectly suited for implant anchored restoration. The zirconium frame and the porcelain layer on it are individually shaped, in the same color as the natural tooth. Zirconium crown and zirconium bridge can be made without porcelain veneering, with painting process / Prettau Anterior Zircon /
Zirconium frames, crowns and bridges are manufactured using CAD / CAM (Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology. This method provides high precision and perfect personalized form. Against the veneer, the crown is suitable for correcting a big deformation of the tooth. We use it versatilely. They are suitable for replacing missing teeth anchored on implants. If we restore two or more crowns to natural teeth or implants that define the dental problem, we can create a bridge to bridge the gap. Crowns are indispensable tools for complex aesthetic treatments because they are not only suitable for single teeth or tooth groups but can also be used for the complete arch of jaws. Crowns or bridges made for the upper and lower arches are also suitable for bite correction and face rejuvenation.

kezeles elott erosen kopott fogak
Before treatment, badly attrited teeth
az erosen kopott fogak kezeles utan
After treatment, restored teeth with crowns and bite elevation


Tooth bleaching is an aesthetic intervention in which a brighter color is obtained than the patient’s teeth. There are two groups: home and office bleaching. Since October 2012, no more than 6% of peroxide can be used in the European Union. This concentration is not sufficient for rapid teeth whitening in the surgery. It is used for home bleaching for weeks to achieve the desired result.

“New Regulations for Tooth Whitening come into force on 31st Oct 2012

A new European Council Directive which regulates the use of hydrogen peroxide – the chemical used in tooth whitening products – comes into force from today (Wednesday 31st Oct).
Tooth whitening products containing over 6% of hydrogen peroxide are now illegal and their sale is prohibited, while tooth whitening is restricted to those over 18 years of age.

Budapest, 2013. január 26. “