Why Choose Hungary as your Dental Tourism Destination in 2023?

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I. Introduction to Dental Tourism Hungary in 2023 Dental tourism, also known as destination dental care, refers to traveling abroad for the primary purpose of receiving dental services. Hungary has become one of the top dental tourism destinations in Europe, attracting people from all over the world seeking reliable and affordable dental solutions. Definition of […]

Everything You Need to Know About Non Removable Dental Restorations

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Studies have shown that nearly 1 in 5 people wear some form of dentures. Whether you have a partial denture or a full set, you know that they’re not a patch on the real thing. Is there a solution that gives you the security of a full set of teeth, even if you’ve lost your own? Yes: […]

5 Signs You’re a Good Candidate for Dental Implant Restoration

Porcelain Teeth

Did you know that of the total adult population of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, about 6% have no natural teeth remaining? This most recent UK survey also found that the other 94% of the population was missing an average of seven teeth each. Sadly, the negative effect of missing teeth on quality of life is well documented. […]

Do you know, how to clean your tongue?


The diseases of the tongue are not rear (see photos below) To prevent your tongue from the deseases please clean regulary mornings and evenings. Use tongue scrapers, tongue brushes and mouth rinsing solutions.

Coronavirus: Five things you need to know about the future of dentistry

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To whom it may concern,  with hungarian translation. https://www.bda.org/news-centre/blog/Pages/Coronavirus–Five-things-you-need-to-know-about-the-future-of-dentistry.aspx?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=future-of-dentistry-micks-blog Coronavirus: Five things you need to know about the future of dentistry Mick Armstrong 21 May, 2020 The repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic could devastate the UK’s dental services. Our findings, based on evidence provided by thousands of our members in response to the government’s Health […]

Affordable And Quality Dental Tourism For All Oral Healthcare Requirements

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The ever-rising concern for top-class oral healthcare is the primary reason why everyone must today consider dental tourism in Hungary which is highly sought after for all the right reasons. In an age where geographical borders are not limiting factors to how far one can go in their endeavors to find satisfactory results, healthcare is […]

A Brief Guide: Taking Care of Your Veneers

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Taking care of your veneers will make them last longer and give you a good look. Here are some of the ways for taking good care of your veneers. Celebrities and international figures are using veneers due to its associated benefits. They are regarded as one of the best ways through which one can have […]

Dental Implants and Why You Deserve Professional Care

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In the search for where they can find relief for their oral demands, Dental Implant Center Hungary has been of great assistance to patients from across the globe. Everyone deserves the best professional attention when it comes to dental care which must be given equal levels of attention as any other body treatment. Oral health […]

Ultimate Guide To Gum Grafts And What To Expect

At Implant Dentist Hungary in Heviz, we pride ourselves on our friendly and professional customer service. Our team of dedicated dental professionals is committed to ensuring that our patients have a comfortable and pleasant experience during their visits.

Gum grafts are dental surgeries performed by cosmetic dentists in Hungary. However, most people have little knowledge of this useful procedure. There’s no need to get scared when told that you need to get a gum graft. Therefore, it’s very important to understand what you’re getting into and expectations from the procedure. Read this ultimate […]

Comparisons Between Manual and Electric Toothbrushes

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In 3000 BC, man invented the world’s first toothbrush, that historians labeled as a “teeth-cleaning twig”, which was a thin twig with frays on the end of it and was used to remove debris from a person’s teeth. It was certainly a barbaric method, but it was what set the plan in motion for the […]