Complex aesthetic treatments

Complex aesthetic treatments: smile makeover, dental face rejuvenation, correction of bite abnormalities in adulthood are full mouth reconstructions.

Though complex aesthetic treatments take place on the jawbones, on the teeth, on the gum and the lips, they change the whole face. Hard tissues of the face are the framework, the soft tissues only cover them. If changes are made to the framework, the changes will be visible on the outer contour of the soft tissues. Although the veneers improve the smile, we do not always smile, we talk, eat, read, work and rest so the aesthetic correction of the face is visible only for a short period of the day.  The rejuvenation of the whole face and the restoration of its proportions will affect the patient’s appearance all day. The face will be harmonic, the lower third of the face and the chin will be in the optimal position, so not only the portrait but the profile will be more harmonious. By smoothing wrinkles, the face looks younger. Interventions are made on the face by other professions: dermatology, plastic surgery two.

If only a single tooth or small tooth groups are treated in, the bite cannot be optimized. The contacts of the non-treated teeth cannot be changed. The position of the head of the TM joints in the centric bite cannot be corrected. The proportions of the face cannot be changed. The complex aesthetic or cosmetic treatment is oft called as full mouth reconstruction. Full mouth reconstruction can involve implants, crown and bridgeworks, veneers, and bite correction.

Full mouth reconstruction cost can range in our surgery from 10 000 Euro to 25 000 Euro.

Gum plasty

Operations on the gum for aesthetic purposes are listed here. If a large part of the crown of the teeth is covered with gums, we speak of gummy smile. If gums cover different proportions of the neighboring teeth alongside the arch, we are talking about gum asymmetry. To have an even gumline correction is done by excision and addition of gum tissues. The gum area between the teeth is called papilla. If the gum fills too large area or leaves a large gap between teeth, surgical correction is required. Either papillectomy (removal of papilla) or papilla reconstruction is needed. The gum graft surgery cost can vary from 300  to 500 Euro.

crown lengthening
Before treatment /deep bite, erosion of teeth/
gummy smile
Before treatment gummy smile
after crown lenghtening and bite correction
After treatment crown lengthening gum plasty and zirconium crowns

Smile makeover

Smile is based on the appearance of the combination of different anatomical structures – the teeth, the gums, the lips. If even one of them is disharmonic of, we perceive it as an aesthetic defect. It is often only the person skilled in the art to know what is disturbing in the overall effect. If the aesthetic mistake is multiplex / eg. the color, the shape, the position, the lack of the teeth are combined with the hyperplastic or shrinkage of the gum, possibly with the discoloration / then we perform a smile analysis for optimal results. A complex aesthetic treatment based on this is called a smile makeover.

smile makeover before treatment
The patient was unhappy with her smile and did not want to smile
smile makeover after treatment
After the treatment

Face rejuvenation with a dental facelift

The individual looks older than his or her age when the lower face is shortened because of the deep bite. The lips are fallen in and marked wrinkles appear around it. In this case, it is necessary to define the dental abnormalities in the background. In the knowledge of the diagnosis, a treatment plan can be made, followed by the production of a temporary restoration. By using the experiences collected during the wearing period, we will finalize the plan. The temporary restoration helps the lips, the tongue, the cheek and face muscles to adapt the new situation. After the final restoration, the result will be a dramatic rejuvenation of the face.

dental face lift 01

Before treatment, deep bite

dental face lift 02
The face after the treatment

Correction of bite anomalies in adulthood

Facebow registration and impressions from both jaws are taken. By tracking the mouth movements the articulator can be adjusted. The articulator is suitable for simulating the movements of the lower jaw. With acrylic crowns, the contact surfaces of upper and lower teeth will be changed to eliminate bite anomaly and the optimal central bite will be ensured. We collect information from the patient whether the new bite feels natural. Finally, the TM joints are checked with the CT-scan.
lateral bite before make over
Before the treatment
lateral bite after make over
After the treatment
progeny before treatment
Before the treatment
progeny after treatment
After the treatment