Dental Clinic in Heviz

Our implant-cosmetic dentistry center is using the All-on-X and Zygoma immediate restorations

Implant-Dentist-Hungary welcomes the patients in the “S and Z” Beautiful Teeth Clinic in Heviz, Hungary

The Clinic is providing immediate loadable implantations with aesthetic restorations. Our 3D CAD/CAM technology is used to achieve perfect results in bone grafting, implant placement, All-on-X aesthetic restoration.

For All-on-X, we use navigated implant placement, which will be supplemented in the near future with dynamic surgical navigation (X-Guide) for perfect implant surgery. Only state-of-the-art types of equipment and high-quality dental materials are used.

The implant center is located on the lower level of the building, with three state-of-the-art, high-performance dental surgeries, a central sterilization area, and an X-ray diagnostic section. We use only the most up-to-date materials and tools during the treatments. Based on the “nil nocere” /never-hurt/ principle, we ensure that all our instruments are sterilized by foil sterilization to prevent clinical infections.

Our implant operations are performed with topical anesthesia and conscious sedation to minimize the inconvenience of treatment. Our clinic uses several internationally recognized implantation systems.

We use the full range of bone replacement. Using your own bone is common if you can collect enough bone from your jaws, we also use protein-coated human bone blocks that stimulate stem cells.

We perform aesthetic treatments in a wide range of age groups preceded by 3D design. We work according to the principle of minimal but sufficient invasiveness. Our results are spectacular.

We often see patients whose treatments have been rejected at other clinics, and our long professional experience enables us to provide assistance in seemingly hopeless cases.

Patients satisfaction is our primary concern. This is achieved by personalized treatment planning and individualized pre-and postoperative dental care by a well-established professional team.

We are committed to providing long-lasting and reliable care. Our aim is to follow up with our patients not only during the 5-year guarantee period but beyond.


To avoid bone replacement surgeries, we use a one-day implant-supported, non-removable complete arch restorations, the “All-on-X“.