Immediate loading of dental implants in case of a narrow and short alveolar ridge

In the last few years, the dental implant market has grown and is associated with the demand for immediate loading of implants with high aesthetic expectations. In this case, some problems can occur associated with the lack of initial implant stability, early marginal bony resorption, and deteriorating periodontal health, especially in the case of immediate placement and immediate loading.
The most critical case occurs at the narrow and short alveolar ridge. /we speak about the short alveolar ridge between 8-5  mm and ultrashort between 5-2,5 mm. The healthy widths of the alveolar ridge are between 6,21 – 10,02 from the central incisor to the wisdom tooth.
After the loss of teeth, the widths and the length of the alveolar ridge is decreasing dramatically, making more and more complicated the dental implantation of the atrophic alveolar ridges. Unfortunately, not only the size and shape of the alveolar bone are changing but the bone density is getting worth as well, decreasing the implant stability.
Fortunately, there are new technics with apically expanded short and ultrashort implants.
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expandable dental implant
Expandable dental implant – Source: Expandable dental implant

Ultrashort dental ImplantsDetails of ultrashort-length implants tested in the present investigation. From the left: lateral, bottom (apex), and top (connection) views. Source:
Wait for my next blog if you are interested in the apically expanded implants.