All-on-X: all on four or six dental implants cost Hungary

The All-on-X treatment means 4 or 6, or more immediate loadable implants in one jaw with a non-removable restoration.

The All-on-X method makes it possible to immediately restore the chewing ability on the entire upper and lower dentition by using screw-retained bridges. There is no need for any bone replacement surgery, therefore there is only a minimal amount of inconvenience for the patient.

This treatment needs to be planned and based on a CBCT image. The implant placement with this method is not only very accurate but also very safe.
After the initial design, a surgical navigation template is placed into the patient’s jawbone. As a result, the planned implants can then be set exactly at the intended locations.

before all on 4 400x239 1 1
Upper and lower before All-on-X
all on 4 lower dental impression 400x241 1
All-on-X – lower dental impression
all on 4 long term temporary crown 400x245 1
All-on-X – long term temporary bridges
after all on 4 full jaw 400x247 1
All-on-X – full jaw after the treatments
all on 4 x ray before 400x214 1
All-on-X – upper and lower x-ray before
all on 4 x ray after operation 400x213 1
All-on-X- x-ray after operation
all on 4 x ray long term temporary implant 400x215 2
All-on-X – x-ray long term temporary restoration
all on 4 x ray after
All-on-X – x-ray after

The stable implants are fitted with a long-term temporary acrylate bridge for a period of six months, after this time the implants can be loaded with a permanent screw-retained zirconium bridge.
This permanent screw-mounted aesthetic bridge will make you smile and chew with confidence without having to worry about it when you eat.

Another Plus for this treatment is, that it has a 99% success rate!

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The most important criteria for this surgical intervention are as follows:

  1. The bone of the jaw needs to be of sufficient quality and quantity to drill the holes for the implants without damaging the sinus and the base of the nose or the mandibular nerve. The primary stability of all of the implants has to be a minimum of 35Ncm so that the implants can be loaded immediately.
  2. The minimum diameter of the implants must be of 4mm and the minimum length of the implants must be 10 mm in order to be immediately loaded and be stable enough for a bridge to be attached.

The most important steps of All-on-X treatment are the followings:

before all on 4 bone atrophy 400x229 1
Before All-on-X – Because of bone atrophy tradional implant is not possible.
all on 4 ct scan before 400x303 1
All-on-X – ct scan before
all on 4 after operation with multi unit abutmants 400x192 1
All-on-X – x-ray after operation with multi unit abutmants
all on 4 upper preparation for the impression 400x300 1
All-on-X – upper preparation for the impression
all on 4 ct scan after 400x290 1
All-on-X – ct scan after. You can see All-on-X implant in the lower jaw and traditional implant in the upper jaw.
upper and lower temporary implant 400x294 1
Upper and lower temporary restoration