Life with dental pain – Clive Liddiard

Do you suffer from constant tooth pain? It can be a debilitating experience, affecting your daily life and overall well-being.

In this article shares their personal experience with finding relief from permanent dental pain

and the steps they took to find the solution. Moving away from a closed mouth to a smile


Life with dental pain is no fun, from an abscess to a small hole and those words of dread

“root canal” and finally there is nothing else we can do for the extraction.

Now before we all jump up and down dental pain is caused by not looking after your teeth whilst

in theory correct, the question should be why they have not looked after their teeth.

Could it be from a childhood problem or an addiction some could be lazy that is true, and some

could be suffering an illness of some nature.

So, my story is a simple one as a child I brushed my teeth every morning and evening and

rarely missed, I did not eat a lot of sweets or drink carbonated drinks and I drank vast amounts of


What happened to me was I kept collapsing as a child, taken to hospital and tested for everything

they could think of for 4 years roughly once a month this happened (1968 to 1972), one day on a

visit once more to hospital they asked once more what I had eaten, my tired and exhausted mum

looked at the doctor and in a blunt tone said nothing at all he was not a good lad last night so bed

with no tea all he has done is wash and brush his teeth. The doctor looking puzzled just responded

and said ok let’s test toothpaste then nothing happened at first then I felt a little rough but ok, so

they then rubbed some in to my gum and kept me at the hospital for monitoring sure enough that

evening I collapsed again having spent all day nil by mouth the puzzle was solved and Fluorine an

element on the periodic table but a component of the very stable fluoride which added to

toothpaste but also fluorine is found amongst the salts and pumice used to make toothpastes.

So that was the end of me using toothpaste and as my mouth health went down and blood was

appearing my regular washing went to.

Over the years that followed I had a dental record bigger than my doctors file, I was at the

dentist so regular it was a weekly event trying his best with what was available to him, as I grew

older it was approved that me and the other 3 people in the UK would come under direct

management of Kings College Dental Hospital where we would get treatments above those normally

provided by the NHS free of charge on medical grounds, by now gaps had opened in my teeth some

were long gone to history and smiling in pictures had long gone a grin was about all you would get.

For a few more years it continued but my tooth loss had decreased as a cleaning method seemed to

be helping (sadly not for long) by my mid-twenties all my rear teeth had a crown and de nerved

tooth abscesses had become the norm, then we were told that me and the 2 surviving others would

no longer be able to have specialist care on the NHS we would come under normal care. If you are

now thinking that would be bad, I can assure you it was.

General partial dentures fitted not the most comfortable things, trainee dentists or those from

college dictating that you must clean your teeth more with a strong toothpaste so ignorant of the

problem I had.

More years passed a couple more teeth gone and added to my denture, gaps now so wide a

toothpick fitted through the gap.

Toothache became my daily friend and pain level, or tolerance got so high I went through

appendicitis treating it as unbelievably bad tummy pain and even flew back from Dominican with it,

then ended up in hospital in the UK, guess my tooth issues had a small advantage I had a good stock

of pain killers and antibiotics with me.

Now fast forward to 2021, now living in Hungary with my wonderful Hungarian wife and a

big toothache, luckily, she works at a dentist so appointment made and in we go, not your normal x

ray here at S&Z its into a scanner and then a few minutes later a full picture of just how bad things

are in my mouth, some immediate treatment needed another tooth leaves my mouth and my

denture grows once more, but also after long discussions a possible way ahead, there is just enough

bone for implants, or telescopic partial denture or a bridge and denture all would require extensive

work for sure.

What was nice was the lack of pressure to decide there and then, take the time to think it through.

Leaving S&Z with my teeth gaps and partial plate off I went with lots to think about.

Forward to November 2022 and I am back at S&Z my plate had become so loose the risk of a

departure from mouth was real, and those little seeds from a strawberry hurt like hell when the

sneak under your plate as for a Tomato you can imagine that one and very safe to say muesli had

long been off my breakfast list for a long time and eating out was always a challenge.

After a long informative discussion, I decide on the bridge and removable denture top and bottom, a

big step awaits.

November 21st, 2022, at 9am I sit in the chair at S&Z for what will be a long session, first the

walk through and a new scan completed then a new form of scanning used to show a 3-dimensional

profile. Then it begun the first injection of 4 in total went in, they still hurt as much now as when I

was a boy, then the work starts a quick impression then after a check that we were nice and numb

and the drill started up and the profiling of my last few remaining teeth begun, my old partial plate

on the table, knowing that they would never again be fitted into my mouth, more injections and

attempts at spitting and rinsing followed, sadly one more tooth was not stable enough so that went

along the way. Then it was time for the impressions to taken needed a few and then a set of

temporary crowns made and fitted. At this point I will point out that there may have only been few

of my teeth left they were as sensitive as hell even with crowns on a diet of painkillers had begun.

Next visit was more impressions next a test fit of the bridge without the porcelain on the, think of

jaws from James Bond and you have an idea also at this point a lot of time spent getting the bite


Then on the 9th of December the big day arrives first a message from S&Z confirming that your new

teeth have arrived. With nerves at full throttle off we go once more into the chair the old temporary

crowns are removed hopefully for the last time and the trial fit begin and after a few adjustments

the moment has come to cement them into place and an hour later it is all over, the weeks of pain

from sensitive teeth hours in the chair and a lifetime of poor teeth, now for the first time in many

years I can smile and not be concerned about people seeing my teeth I almost want them to see

them, 2 hours later I eat my first meal that was weird chewing on both sides and biting properly.

Been a few days now with a full mouth of teeth and it is all settling down very well, a little

sensitive yes and brushing away the best I can and my water pick to clean underneath, going to sleep

with a mouth full of teeth and a night guard (which is comfortable) starting each day better.

With heart felt thanks to the long road and carful thoughtful work at S&Z I can smile once more and

even better I can sneeze without fear and know that my fifty-six candles on my birthday cake are

safe from a denture attack when they need blowing out.

I sign off now because I want to go and bite food not because I am hungry but because I can.

Clive Liddiard

December 2022