Procedures of a Tooth Implant Surgery You Need to Know


The thought of the word surgery tends to scare most people. They do not even care if it is a dental surgery or not. This has stopped a lot of people with dental issues from going for surgery. However, tooth implant surgery is unlike every other type of medical surgery. Also, there is nothing to be scared of when going for dental surgery. Often the procedure is just to replace a bad tooth which helps reduce dental pains.

Important pieces of information about Dental Surgery

Prior to the surgery

There are some things that the dentist would likely say you should do. These things are meant to prepare you for the surgery, and they include:

  • Using a Prescribed Mouthwash: A special kind of mouthwash would be prescribed to you. This will help to remove the bacteria in the mouth.
  • Use of Prescribed Antibiotics: An antibiotic would also be prescribed, and it is to be used a few days before the surgery. Its function is to help destroy the bacterial infection of the teeth.
  • Take Sufficient Breakfast: Some dental surgery prevents you from eating for a few hours after the surgery might have occurred. So the dentist usually advises that patients take sufficient breakfast prior to the surgery, so they wouldn’t feel hunger afterward.
  • Bringing Someone Along with You for the Surgery: In case the surgery needs sedation, it is important that you bring someone with you. This is to prevent you from driving after having been sedated.


Different factors determine how long a dental surgery will take. These factors include:

  • Dental Health of the Patient: This refers to how complicated the dental issue of the patients is in the first place.For serious dental situations, a longer period of time would be needed to complete the surgical procedure
  • Number of Teeth with Dental Issue: The number of teeth with the dental issue also determines the duration of the surgery. The time taken to perform surgery on one tooth would be shorter than that of two teeth, and so on.
  • The Type of Tooth: The type of tooth with the dental issue or the tooth to be implanted also determines how long the surgery will take. The time taken to change a molar tooth will be different from that of an incisor tooth.

How Painful is the Dental Surgery?

Research has shown that the pain anticipated by most patients that go through dental procedure does not match the real pain. However, patients should know that they would be given pain relief shots or drugs before the surgery. This would reduce any pain that they may experience.

Post-Surgery Issues

Having issues with the mouth after a surgery is normal — it could be a swelling gum, mouth bruises, or soft tissue. These are not serious issues, and they can be solved with a painkiller. However, patients have to note that they are not to take hard meals after a dental surgery.

The artificial root used for tooth implant surgery nowadays is made of titanium among other materials. Make sure you visit an experienced dentist to have a smooth experience while undergoing the surgery.