Restorative dental treatment

Dental Fillings, Inlays, Root Canal Therapy, Veneers, Porcelain Crowns, Fixed Bridges


Carious teeth are treated with fillings. The fillings can be made from solid material / Inlay, Onlay / or plastic material /composite/. It is important to treat the caries at an early stage, in order to prevent the inflammation of the pulp.

Root canal treatments, root canal fillings /Endodontics/

Inside of every tooth, a soft tissue called pulp can be found containing nerves and blood vessels. If the pulp is inflamed it can not swell because of the surrounding hard walls. As a consequence, the tissue pressure will increase strangulating the blood circulation. Due to the increasing pressure, the pain receptors of the pulp are irritated, causing throbbing pain. The decrease in pain is the sign of the loss of vitality of the pulp. The dead tissues have no immune response, so the bacteria can multiply and can cause an inflammation at the tip of the root in the periapical tissues. The periapical inflammation can be acute or chronic. After a prolonged period of inflammation, a periapical cyst can develop. At this stage, the inflammation spreads from the tooth to the surrounding tissues and without treatment, serious conditions such as periostitis, abscess, osteomyelitis, phlegmon can occur. The pulpitis and its secondary diseases are treated with endodontic methods: removal of the pulp, cleaning and shaping the pulp chamber and the root canals, disinfection and root canal filling.

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