Life with dental pain – Clive Liddiard

Do you suffer from constant tooth pain? It can be a debilitating experience, affecting your daily life and overall well-being. In this article shares their personal experience with finding relief from permanent dental pain and the steps they took to find the solution. Moving away from a closed mouth to a smile   Life with […]

Steve, UK

4th visit and 2nd phase of treatment nearly complete! Prof. Szabo is without doubt the very very best-major works undertaken. Doubt we have such expertise in UK.

Jools Newman, Scotland

My husband has the perfect smile thanks to you and all your staff! Maybe I will pick up the courage and have work done. Excellent work done. Many, many thanks.

Grace Hall, England+China

My teeth has been bothered me for years int he past. Prof. Szabo did a brilliant job for me: now I have a set of beautiful teeth, and feel very comfortable too! Thanks so much! It works every penny!

Ingrid, GB.

Today is my 1st yearly check-up, I have been thrilled with my teeth, all of which are crowned. 100% worth it, great work!

Michelle Weston, UK

My first visit here and I am very happy with the treatment I received from everyone. I was well looked after and make welcome. I was fully informed about proposed treatment. Thank you.

Vivia Hicks, England

Very professional in every way. All staff are lovely. Very very pleased with the result. Will definately be recommending to an. Thank you so much. X

Dale Jordan, England

I was in 2 minds coming to Hungary for my teeth from the Uk, but I am so glad I came Prof Szabo has done an amazing job, I am really pleased with his work.