Ultimate Guide To Gum Grafts And What To Expect

Gum grafts are dental surgeries performed by cosmetic dentists in Hungary. However, most people have little knowledge of this useful procedure. There’s no need to get scared when told that you need to get a gum graft. Therefore, it’s very important to understand what you’re getting into and expectations from the procedure. Read this ultimate guide to gum grafts and what to expect from the procedure.

What is a gum graft?

This is a dental procedure requiring graft tissue taken from the back of the mouth and reattached in a target area. A graft is used to cover the exposed root of the damaged natural tooth. A professional dentist can perform gum grafting for a tooth or various teeth during the same procedure. Therefore, you have to visit a professional dentist if you have the root exposed in the gum. Gum grafting will prevent unsightly teeth.

Procedure of a gum graft

Gum grafting is an effective treatment for gum disease. Do you bleed when eating or brushing your teeth? This is a sign of gum disease. Failure to get professional treatment for gum disease is likely to promote gum receding and exposure of more teeth. Severe cases of gum disease require gum grafts to prevent the disease from getting worse or losing teeth.

Solution to sensitive teeth

Continued exposure of teeth root is likely to promote teeth sensitiveness. This might make you feel ashamed of your smile. Imagine having to smile with your mouth closed because you’re not proud to open your mouth! to avoid the root exposure from making you become too self-conscious, get professional assistance immediately. However, it’s a great idea to determine the gum graft cost per tooth before going for the procedure. After the procedure, you’ll end up feeling much better about your smile.

What to expect during the procedure

Pain during the procedure depends on the dentist’s experience and industry knowledge. therefore, ensure to visit a professional dentist with start of the art equipment to handle the procedure. This will ensure that you get little pain during the procedure. A professional an experienced dentist in Hungary will handle the procedure successfully without any complications.

After the procedure, the dentist will recommend the best way to heal faster. Expect some bearable pain although it won’t make you feel discomfort. The dentist can recommend some over-the-counter tabs to lessen the pain. Other ideas to promote a faster healing process include avoiding alcohol, smoking, and acidic foods. Good dental practices will make the gum grafts heal much faster to make you get back your normal life as soon as possible.


A gum graft is something to consider if the dentist recommends it to treat gum disease. There’s no need to worry about pain if you have the procedure handled by a professional dentist in Hungary with state of the art equipment. If you have sensitive teeth or bleed when brushing, going for a gum graft will alleviate those symptoms to prevent further damage. This is the trick to get a better smile and boost your confidence.