Understanding Single-Tooth Implants

Single-tooth implants are surgically placed in people without a tooth or more by a professional dentist. The dentist will create an opening in the jawbone before putting the cheap dental implants Hungary there and allows it to attach or integrate with your bone to act as the root for the tooth they are going to replace. They will then put a crown on the implant to look like a real tooth.

The bone at the intended position for the tooth needs to be healthy for the implant to work. It also should be strong enough to hold the implant. If the bone is not enough or missing, the dentist will use a procedure called bone grafting or augmentation to add it. In addition, the surrounding natural teeth, together with the gum need to be in good health.

Parts of the Implant-Restored Tooth

The Implant: It is the part that will take the place of a root and comes from titanium.

The Abutment: It is the part that attaches to the implant by screwing, and comes from gold, silver, or titanium. It has the shape of a natural tooth but is a little smaller so as to fit the crown.

The Restoration: It is the part that is tooth-like and comes from porcelain or metal or both. It is cemented or screw onto the abutment.

The Process of Implanting

It all starts with a dentist’s consultation before anything else. You will either schedule to see a prosthodontist or a dentist. This person will examine you comprehensively through tests, X-rays and your past medical records. Through the process, they will make impressions so as to help them make models. It is through the tests that your dentist will know about the health condition of the gums, jawbone, and surrounding teeth.

If the conventional implant method is utilized, it will take an approximate of 5 months for the lower jaw and 6 months for the upper one. But it can as well take longer (a year plus) particularly if there is a need for jawbone replacement.

In a different technique, there is the placement of the implants together with the healing caps in the same visit. If the dentist is employing the mini implants then they can put all the items at once. Typically, it will take two surgeries before the placement of the crown.

Complications to Expect

Of course, there are risks during surgeries you undergo. But there are also the chances of the implant failing in case of an infection that result from the improper adjustment. If you apply pressure through grinding and clenching you might cause breaking of the implant or losing parts of the jawbone. Numbing or a tingly effect can happen during the surgery if the implant touches the nerve in the lower jaw.

After the Implant

After cheap dental implants Hungary surgery by the dentist, expect the unnatural tooth to look and function like normal ones. In some instances, it might be difficult to place the implant to look exactly like the other teeth, but will still work properly. When it comes to cleaning, you should do it as usual. If you face any issues, go see your dentist even before the scheduled time.